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An Ever Lasting Religious Experience Faked It is against God s wishes to fake an conversion, it against his faith to even change religions, it is against every rule in the bible to lie and say something that is not true, even when their in church in front of Jesus crucifix. Well, my friend John faked his conversion from Catholic to Baptist because he wanted to be in a religion with leadership, worship, and music. The leadership was not their when he was attending the Catholic Church before he started to attend the Baptist church. He says, the pastor and the elder preaches from their soul. When they do preach the congregation feels their faith and participate in the preaching with an Amen or a hallelujah. Which on the other hand pope and the bishop reads directly from the bible and in every so many paragraphs of their reading the pope or bishop interprets what they just read, which is very boring. But John tried to tell his parents about the way he felt about their religion, but he was scared of what they might say. So he just continued to attend the Catholic Church. The pastor and elder attend both college and missionary school in order to preach as of the pope and bishop only attends missionary school for so many years. Another this is that the pope and bishop worry about what is in the collection plate, as how much was earned I their second paycheck. Being an altar boy he was a witness of what was going on an seen how the priests were in greed of the moneys. Which the pastor and elder do not worry about what is in the collection plate, they preach for the benefit of their congregation to get the word of the lord clear across to the people. That is when he was going to the Baptist church to visit and he would stay around to see you they would run their church. Worship is everything and the church that had service on only two days was the Catholic Church, which the Baptist had it only on Sunday, but throughout the week they hold bible study. He attends a couple of the bible studies and captured lots from it in which he had not got from the Catholic Church. The Methodist church was nice but everything was slow, it was a mixture of both Baptist and Catholic. Catholic churches have special engagement like the Seven Sacrament, which is hold in certain stages of a person life like baptismal, first communion, confirmation, and so on. Which out of the seven he completed only three of the sacraments. But with the Baptist church you have baptismal and matrimony, which is held when you want to make that commitment to another to another person. The Methodist is also is also different because they symbolized their faith by representing a flag. The Baptist represents their faith by a convenient, and Catholic represents theirs with a crucifix. The sermon is the Catholic and Baptist are pretty much the same, but the Catholic gives you the sermon throughout the gospel and then it is reiterated, but the Baptist just goes in by saying what the lord tells then to say.

The music play an important role in a church if you would have a good sermon, good music would have to go with it. The music with was played in the Methodist church was contemporary gospel. It is a country like tempo, which is slow, and has a mellow tone. In the Catholic Church hymn are played is which it can sung or hummed the piece of music is played. Hymn are songs written in ancient time and are carried I bible were you would it is an uplifting beat which give a person very high spirit that is played in Baptist churches. Many churches are turning it rhythm and blues gospel, because not only they can feel it through the sermon but they can also feel it the words.

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