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The Clown Of 12Th Night, Feste Essay, Research Paper

In William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the character Feste is what you might call a clown. In the script he is sometimes called the Fool, and he may present himself as that. He is the comic relief for the serious scenes, although sometimes he will provide the serious subject matter himself. Feste also seems to somewhat all-knowing. He knew when no one else did that Cesario was a woman. All together, Feste seems to not be intertwined in the story too much, but rather and outsider who observes and makes random appearances when necessary.

Feste seems to be a regular fixture in Olivia’s household. It seems like he has been there a long time and is accepted almost as one of the family. He is welcome with the servants and interacts with them often.

Although Feste presents himself as a fool with no problems, you can be sure he is a whole person, who has experienced life’s joys and hardships. For example, in the scene of late night drinking, dancing and singing, Feste sings a song of a woman waiting for her love. He sings it with such passion and feeling, you can’t help but think he has been there before. He also has a quick wit and a good sense of humor. Later on in the scene already mentioned, Feste is playing a song on the piano, when suddenly, Malvolio enters. Feste immediately stops playing the song and plays a pompous introduction for Malvolio. Also, when Cesario asks of Feste, “Do you live by your music?” Feste replies, “No, I live by the church”. These are just a few examples of the ways Feste exhibits humanity.

The character of Feste is thought of as a fool whose attitude is playful and comical. If I were casting this play, I would probably cast Robin Williams as Feste because I think that is the person to best personify him. They both have and attitude that is very joking and light-hearted. If I were costuming Feste, I would probably put him in bright colors to match his bright demeanor. His clothing would be baggy and tattered. I think Feste’s actions would be very large and exaggerated.

The character Feste in Twelfth Night is very funny and whimsical and attracts a lot of attention. He is farcical and very amusing. The fool is a comic relief that really adds to the play. When William Shakespeare wrote this part in the play he added a whole other dimension that was needed to complete the story.

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