The Charm


The Charm Essay, Research Paper

On a Saturday morning in mid-June, Jason Mans and his grandfather were going on a

camping trip that they had been planing for weeks. at 5:00 sharp, Jason and his grandfather

were up, packed and ready to go to there trip at Lake Marine. On their way to the lake

Jason and his grandfather talked about who was going to catch the biggest fish. after about

two hours of driving they finally get to the lake and get there camp sit set up. By dusk they

were out on the foggy-cool lake fishing for what ever would bit. Jason was telling his

grandfather how much he really loved him and how much he loved doing things with him.

Jason’s grandfather had something to tell Jason, but didn’t know when and how to say it.

Finally, he got the strength to tell Jason about his fatal disease. “Jason there is something I

have been meaning to tell you but never knew when the right time to say it,”Jason’s

grandfather said swiftly. Jason looked at his grandfather with confusion. “What do you

mean grandpa,”Jason replied with the since that he was going to hear something that he

really didn’t want to know. “I mean,(a slit pause) I have an uncurable cancer that I’m going

to die from and there is nothing any doctor can do to cure me,” Jason’s grandfather replied.

Jason asked his grandfather,”How long have you known about it”. “About three or more

months,”he said with a feeling of guilt for not telling Jason sooner. “Why didn’t you tell me

this earlier,”Jason said while being upset. “I thought that if I would have told you then you

would have tried to avoid me, so when I did pass-away you wouldn’t fell so hurt,”Jason’s

grandfather spoke while crying. Jason told his grandfather that he loved him and that he

never in a million-years have done that to him.

The day Jason dreaded finally came about four-months later when his grandfather

died. Jason was so very upset because he had just lost the only best friend he ever had.

Jason felt like he had no one else and that he would be lost without his grandfather. He just

could not understand why his grandfather had to go. At the funeral Jason asked his

mom,”Why did grandpa have to die so soon”. Jason’s mom held Jason tightly and told him

that everyone has to go on to another life and it was your grandfather’s time. Before the

pasture closed the coffin, Jason went and put a very special charm that really meant a lot to

him into his grandfather’s hands.

Months later Jason was not himself. He was becoming very hard to control. Jason

didn’t care for anything or anybody else. He figured why should he behave when god took

the only thing he ever cared for. Jason’s parents were losing there mind with him because

he was so uncontrollable. They tried everything they possibly could, but nothing seemed to

work. One night, Jason’s mom said a prayer asking for god to do something to make Jason

stop acting the way he has been since his grandfather died.

Then that night Jasons mom’s prayer came true. Jason had a dream he would never

forget. That night in Jason’s dream his grandfather came and talked to Jason. Jason’s

grandfather told Jason that he needed to start behaving. He also told Jason to stop blaming

ever for his death because it wasn’t anybodies fault that it was just his time to go. Before

Jason’s grandfather walked back into the light, he told Jason how much he loved him and

missed him. All of a sudden Jason woke up with fright. He couldn’t believe how real it felt,

it was like his grandfather was actually their with him. Jason jumped up out of bed and on

his way down stairs he saw the charm that he gave to his grandfather at the funeral. Jason

felt different from there-on-out. Jason went down stairs and went to the table where his

parents were sitting and told them how sorry he was for the way he had been acting. His

mom asked him why he just decide to finally change. He paused for a moment and then said

that he had his reasons. Later that year he changed completely. All he could remember was

that night and the charm his grandfather gave him back.

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