The Cave


The Cave Essay, Research Paper

Notes on ?The Cave? author- Jean McCord George- Bum

who lived in a cave and made statues Charles- Main char.

Charles was running when he saw a cave. He stopped and

looked in it, an old bum found him and asked what he was

doing. Charles and the bum (George) became good friends,

and Charles would visit him as much a he could to watch

him make the statues. The bum made statues in the cave

wall. One day Charles was looking for a cave, and when he

found one, he went strait to his gang. They all went to see

the cave, and let Charles go first. Charles flew down a tunnel

very fast and landed in a bigger cave. After trying to find a

way out he discovered he had led the gang to George?s

cave. He went up to the gang and told them that it was

nothing. Finials were coming up in school, so Charles had to

stay inside and study. When summer came, he went back to

see his best friend, George. When he got to the cave, he

found that the gang was in it and broke all the statues. The

gang said that when the bum came back and saw the statues

were gone, he left. Charles got very mad at ht gang and at

himself. And felt very bad for the bum. But to get back at his

gang, he decided to get together with the other gang, and

have them do something bad to his gang for revenge.

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