The Cause Of Conflict


The Cause Of Conflict Essay, Research Paper

The Cause of Conflict

Spinoza explained (p.3) ?violence by reference to human imperfection…and logically, the end of conflict must depend on the reform of man?. Spinoza believes that because man does not cooperate to achieve harmony without self-interest and self-gain, the ultimate result is incessant quarrels and physical violence. I challenge the argument by showing logically, man is not the sole cause of conflict.

To start off, I can prove that to reform and change man as a whole is impossible. By definition, man is mortal and mortals can not be perfected, and if they were, contradiction exists. So to say man is the sole cause of conflict is a conflict in its own. Man can create peace and war, which implies there are good people and there are bad people. If man is the cause of conflict, then man can also be the solution to conflict.

In conclusion, the imperfections of man may cause war and it can also be true with creating peace. Furthermore, to say human imperfection to be the cause of conflict is to say all people are causes of conflict because no person is perfect. Conflict in its own nature is the cause of conflict.

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