The Cage


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The Cage

In our society relationship and hope, and love is never forgotten. These are shown in a book call ?The Cage,? by Ruth Minsky Sender. Relationship is hard to build to be close. Your relations with a friend or someone should be trustworthy. In our lives, hope seems to be involved in everything. It?s true because as long as there is life, you have hope. You shouldn?t lose your hope on anything. Love in our society can never be forgotten. Love is something that is scary, through love you can survive or live. Love makes someone believe and to trust your word. Relationship, hope, and love should be never forgotten in our lives because it is very important.

First of all, a lot of children do not realize that parents are doing all they can do to support the family. However, Riva?s family needs to work a lot of hours to support the family. For example, not having a husband in the family, ?Mama is a widow, supporting seven young children?(p.9). This shows that Mama has to work double amount to support the family. This also shows that Mama is worrying because it is not that easy to find a lot of work these days. This also shows that Mama is going to sick very soon because she is working full hours and not resting a bit, and she can?t do this alone. The oldest child should get a job so Mama does not have to work a lot. That way no one would get sick. Going to school important but it can?t be more important than your health. Children in our society needs to realize that the parents are doing everything to support them. Rivas? relations with her brother were good. For example, Looking at her eyes, ?I grab her hands, hug them tightly?(p.48). This shows that their love is overwhelming. They both have full of excitement inside their heart for being together. Their relations are getting closer and closer. They treat each other with kindness and love. In addition, seeing her tears, ?You are going to be the only sixteen-year-old to be a legal guardian of younger children?(p.48). This shows that Riva is going to need a lot of responsibility. This will not be easy for Riva, but she would hate to be separated from her siblings. The younger kids need to obey Riva whenever she says something to them.

Second of all, Riva?s relationship with friends and neighbor couldn?t be better. Riva is someone who could get along with another person very easily. She has a big heart that understands everything. For example, facing her body, ?Riva, your mother always said that if hope is lost, all is lost, remember??(p.133). This shows that Riva?s friend give hopes to Riva. She encourages Riva with all her heart. Riva gets encouraged by her friend. In addition, talking to her, ?I rest my head in her lap, crying softly?(p.133). This shows that their relations are closer than anything is. They both get comfortable without a hard problem. Their hearts are open to each other. Relationship is hard to build to be close it takes honesty and trustworthy. Having courage in her self helps her to be brave and forget about the past. Riva?s soft heart is cured by Rifkele telling her what Riva?s mother had said. For example, being scared of the soldiers, ?I must stand straight, I say to myself, I must walk I must hold on?(p.134). This shows that Riva does not want die right now, she wants to survive. She has every little hope to live. She has a strong mind and she keeps speaking to herself to stand straight and walk. This also shows that, she wants to live, so she can see her family. For all of us we shouldn?t lose our hope on anything.

Riva has strong mind that makes her do anything with pride. But in the middle of the story she starts losing that, because of war and being separated with all her family. She goes through a very hard time alone, not being with her siblings. She gets courage by her friends and people in the camp. She makes friend easily and gets really close. All the people in the camp like her because Riva is so nice and calm always. She gets help by a soldier, and gets taken to the doctor. The doctor tells her to stay and she becomes really close with Riva. At the end of the story, she finds her strong mind back, by getting help from Rifkele. She had courage to walk and hope to live again. She cried when she her something from Rifkele. Rifkele said as long as there is life, there is hope. She thinks about her mother saying to her and she cries and puts her softhead on Rifkele?s lap.

In conclusion, Riva has real good relationship with her brothers and even with her friends and people in the camp. She builds her courage so she can survive to see her family again. She cries and gets weaken but she comes back with strong mind. The girls in the camp help her to live when she could have been dead. That was all because of love for Riva. Love can help someone?s life. Riva has her hope to live so she finally gets rescued at the end of the story. People in our society have to realize that we are living in a world that couldn’t be any better. They shouldn’t forget relationships, hope, and love should always be in their heart.

the cage

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