The British at leisure


The British at leisure

Leisure is the time when you are not working and you can relax and do things that you enjoy doing. How people use their free time depends on age, sex, educational background, social class, personal taste and inclinations. Britain is a country where leisure time and the sporting life are taken seriously. The British have a reputation for being mad about sports.

There is widespread interest in most kinds of sport throughout Britain. Millions of people all over Britain regularly take part in sport or exercise. The most popular games are football and cricket. Large crowds attend occasions such as football and rugby union matches; the Wimbledon lawn tennis championships; the classic horse races; the Open Golf Championship; Grand Prix motor racing; and international cricket matches.

Many people enjoy rambling, climbing and cycling. In summer groups of people go on outings to popular resorts like Brighton or Black pool. Most British families like to spend their free time at the seaside. The beaches are very crowded in hot weather. But not everybody in Britain is interested in SPORT or in outings. Some are interested in going to the theatre, to the cinema, to concerts. A specially British activity which may count as CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT is attendance classes in Adult Institutes and Colleges of Further Education.

People study subjects, many of them are vocational or of general interest. So we see that in Britain it’s easy for everyone to find a pleasant spare time occupation and there are so many different things that the British really enjoy. A vaibility of choices to the British usually stimulates and directs their recreations. 1)Cultural entertainment, 2)Outings and trips, 3)Sport.

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