The Big City


The Big City Essay, Research Paper

It was a curiosity we had had for a long time and had tried planning it for a long time and kept putting it off because we had the bad feeling that we get in a lot of trouble for doing something that we were not supposed to do. We waited for the perfect time for when we get our curiosity out of our system and also bring back a couple of stories.

It all started in the summer of when we were going into nineth grade. We started talking about our experiences in the city with our parents, and that was when we realized how boring it was with our parents and said that we have a lot more fun if we just went into the city by ourselfs. We planned it out for a month or two and kept chickening out when we kept saying we were going to take the train into the city. Finally one day we actually did it, we got up around ten and cought the ten thirty train into the city. On the way there we were saying how dead we were going to be when we got back but after a while the fear of getting in trouble past because we finally got off the train and started making our way throught the streets of New York. We basically spent most of our time in the village but we did spend some time in SoHo and in midtown. A one point someone decided to look at their watch and realized that if we weren’t home in an hour and a half that we were going to be killed by our parents. So we spent five min looking for a cab and when we could flag one down we just decided to run as fast as we could to penn station. It took us about 20 min to get ther and we almost missed the train but we made it and found our seats and just sat down and relaxed for the train ride home. When we got into the train station we saw that we had ten minutes to get home so we ran to my friends house which was right near the station and all caled our parents and made some excuse for why we didn’t check in for that day and we made it out alive. We all let out a big sigh of relief and spent the rest of the day talking about our journey.

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