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As this election 2000 is coming, each candidate is working very hard. They are doing debates, electoral campaigns all over the country in order to get more popular votes and therefore get the electoral votes they need to be the next president of the United States. In all of the inquiries that the media did in most of the states, Al Gore seems to be the favorite one, because he knows what he is doing, he has enough experience to rule our country, and he also has very interesting positions in the issues that he proposed to the American people.

Albert Gore, Jr., was born in Washington D.C on March 31, 1948. His mother was Mrs. Pauline Lafon Gore and his father was Albert Gore, Sr. As Governor Bush, Al Gore has a father who was in the political business; his father was a Democratic congressman and senator from Tennessee. Gore graduated from Harvard University in 1969 with a Bachelor?s degree in government. While he was studying in Harvard, he was linked with drugs like marijuana that made his father mad at him, and he almost lost everything he got, so he decided to quit and never do that again. Although Gore opposed U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, he accepted induction into the United States Army and served as a military reporter. Upon his return home, and until 1976, he worked as an investigative reporter and editorial writer for the ?The Tennessean? a Nashville newspaper. Gore married Mary Elizabeth ?Tipper? Aitcheson on May 19, 1976 and they have four children. Gore was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives several times and he also was elected to the U.S. Senate and as member of Congress, he earned a reputation as an authority on arms and environmental issues. After that, Gore ran unsuccessfully for the democratic presidential nomination 1988. In 1992 Al Gore was the running mate of Bill Clinton, also in this year he wrote ?Earth in Balance? which is a book that talks about environmental issues. Clinton defeated the incumbent Republican President, George Bush, and Al Gore became Vice-President in 1993, finally they were reelected in 1996 and in 1999 Gore announced his candidacy for President in the 2000 election.

Al Gore has stated his position on a number of issues; some of his position more important are in education, health care, taxes, and Social Security. In education, he said he would spend about a hundred fifteen billion dollars over ten years, and the plan would recruit and train more teachers, make preschool available to every four-year old, increase education funding for children with disabilities, let parents and students save tax-free for college, build and repair more school building, raise the teacher pay, wire every classroom to the Internet, make up to ten thousands dollars of college tuition tax-deductible. He would require states and schools districts to identify and fix failing schools. He also said that he would argue states to give a rational test in fourth grade reading and eighth grade math and to create their own high school exit exams. Finally, he said he would require all teachers to meet higher standards. When he talked about health care, Al Gore said he would support patient?s Bill of Rights and if is elected president, he will make sure that every patient could use the nearest hospital emergency room if needed, every patient could see a specialist if needed, medical decisions would be made by doctors, rather than insurance companies or health maintenance organizations, he also said that doctors could tell their patients about all the options, not just the least costly ones, then he said that patients would have a choice of providers, patients cold appeal a health plan?s decision to deny coverage. In one of his debates Al Gore talked about spending two hundred fifty billion dollars over ten years on a voluntary prescription drug plan for the elderly and this plan would start in 2002 and fully placed by 2008. He also talked about expanding the health of children insurance program to cover children living at 2.5 times the poverty level, to cover seven million working parents CHIP helps kids whose families earn too much to qualify for medic-aid but can not afford private insurance. Then he talked about taxes and he said that if he is elected president he would spend about five hundred billion dollars over ten years on a tax-cut package, and this package would create federally matched, tax-free retirement accounts, it would cut the marriage penalty, create tax credit for children, college tuition, worker training and small businesses that provide health care for workers. His finally position was Social Security and Al Gore said that experts predict a Social Security surplus of 2.39 trillion dollars over the next ten years, so he would use the ninety percent of it to cut the national debt, he also said he would use the money saved on interest payments to strengthen Social Security.

One of his most important issues is Immigration. Once, AL Gore said that our country was built by immigrants, however America can not tolerate illegal immigration. That is why Gore is trying to support immigration. He as a member of the Congress and Vice-President, has fought to maintain forward-looking vision for an immigration, which maintain a strong, diverse immigrant population. He also said that the Latino Community is making its voice heard all across our country and it is making and important contribution not just o our politics, but to our cultural life and our economic strength. That is why Al Gore and the Democratic Party proposed an amnesty for Latino people who came to America before 1986 and with this proposition Al Gore already won a lot of by the Latino people. Even though the Latino people knew that it was just a proposition, because it could be approve or deny by the Congress, they trusted him. Everybody knows that if he is elected as a President of the United States, he will keep his promises and do whatever he can to approve the amnesty.

Al Gore should be the next President of the United States because of his experience, his very well position on the most important issues in U.S. and also because he is helping the Latino Community, therefore my opinion is that everybody should vote for Al Gore, The Best Candidate for the Presidency.

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