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The Arm’s Race Essay, Research Paper

Every hour in every day, there is a war going on in the world. Weather the war is between small villages, or between superpowers, people are dying. The reasons for these wars are because people are not perfect. We are vengeful, greedy, and cowardly. As much as we like to trust other nations, we can t. Therefore we must arm ourselves, to protect our way of life. “Better safe then sorry” is a phase that comes to mind. Funding a capable and effective army cost billion, and it is necessary to ensure our safety. Technology is a child who constantly grows, and it is our future. We must dedicate large sums of money in research and development, or we will fall behind other nations. Wars are sometimes not preventable. We must fight against injustices, which are going on in our world. The cost of a military is tremendous. A typical modern fighter jet like the F-14A, cost around $30 million US! The AM-51 long range missiles it fires, cost $100000 US each! An aircraft carrier like the USS Roosevelt can accommodated up to 100 aircraft. The total cost of an army is unbelievable. One might ask “Why do you need are these different weapons? Does it matter what you are killed by?” The answer is very simple; different weapons do different jobs. The F-15 is a multi-role fighter, while the FA-117A is a boomer. A successfully military force must have both. It doesn t matter if you are kill by a F-15 or a F-14. However you are more likely to be killed by a F-15 then a F-14, because a F-15 can do things that a F-14 can t. If we were to go to war, and we don t have a well equipped army; the outcome will be horrific.

Technology is a very important part of warfare. The best equipped army has the winning edge. Technology is driven by the military. The arm’s race during the cold war, spawned some of the greatest technical achievements in human history. Space travel for example is a result of the X-plane project. The now common internet was produced by the military as well. If we stop investing in military technology, we risk our safety. If other nations had more advance technology then we do, they would have more power then we do. If that was to happen, we face the threat of that nation taking over us. Throughout history there are times when we must fight. We must fight to achieve world peace. So when a nation is a threat to this cause, we must stop it. An example is World War 1 and 2. If we allowed these injustices to happen, we would live in a horrible world. We can t stand and watch people die, and not trying to help them. Letting them die is no worst then killing them yourself. We must work towards world peace but with weapons. To does who say “We spend too much money on the military” are forgetting, that we don t live in a perfect society. There are bad, maybe even evil nation leaders, who want to rule the world. We must be ready to defend our nation, our way of life, and our future.

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