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The conditions for the design price quote are as follows:

1) This quote is for the above stated AppleWax Music, Inc. proposal only. Any changes will require a new proposal and price quote.

2) This quote is for the above stated AppleWax Music, Inc. proposal only and is good for six months. After six months a new proposal must be submitted.

3) This project will be completed on an agreed time line with established deadlines for text and photos. I will receive competed texts and photos from AppleWax Music, Inc., unless otherwise specified. All comps, proofs, etc. must be approved with signatures from AppleWax Music Inc, in a timely manner (2 to 3) days before work can progress. Any changes will require signature approval.

4) I will submit one design concept/written statement to be developed in consultation with Lauren Navarro. Three visual versions in the form of roughs, tightened roughs, and finished comps will be submitted for approval.

5) Final proofing/approval of text is the responsibility of AppleWax Music, Inc.

6) Photos must be received in the form of 5 x7 or 8 x10 black and white prints or any size color transparencies. Color transparencies are preferred for quality.

7) I will supervise the printing of all materials and will be responsible for the signature approval of press checks. I am not responsible for printing quality, but will make every effort to insure a high quality production print run.

8) In order to begin a project I require 40% ($0000.00) of the total price to be paid in advance. The remaining 30% is due when the design concepts have been approved and the final 30% when approval has been given on bluelines, color proofs, etc.

9) I do not reserve any rights to the selected AppleWax Music, Inc. logo, therefore it may be used at your discretion for any other materials.

10) Expenses- The Client shall reimburse the Designer for all expenses arising from this assignment, including the payment of any sales tax due on this assignment.

11) Cancellation- in the event of cancellation of this assignment, ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork shall be retained by the Designer, and a cancellation fee for work complete. Based on the contract price and expenses already incurred, shall be paid by AppleWax Music, Inc.

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