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Temptation comes along our path everyday in our lives; the key fact is trying to avoid being tempted. Many are able to resist but the majorities are not able to. The question of temptation is where is originated from, in a religious sense the devil created temptation to draw us away from the followings of God. For those that do not believe in religion temptation was brought to us by the form of government we are under, things that are labeled as wrong by the government are things we are most tempted by. It makes it harder for us to resist being tempted if we do not have a form of religion, people might fear the law but with religion your fear not only what may happen to while living but what may happen after death. With the government you have less fear. The only way for people w resist temptation is to fear the law, which in a sense is a form of God among us.

What makes us give into temptation, for most people it?s the excitement of trying something new and daring, with the influence of people around them. Some try to fit in and some do it just to defy God and the law.

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