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An infection is the contamination or pollution of matter. Infections that take place in the body can cause very harmful reactions. Many different factors attribute to how fast and how dangerous an infection becomes. Some of these factors are susceptibility, immunity, the type of infection and climate. Climate is the entire environment surrounding a person. Climate and infections are very closely related.

The climate of an area can have an immense impact on the healing or infecting of a wound. There are a number of ways that climate can have a negative affect on a wound. One was is the affect of weather on the actual wound itself. Both temperature and humidity can determine which biologic agents survive and multiply. An example of this is Gangrene, which is a common type of wound infection. Gangrene thrives in tropical areas, but is almost non-existent in extremely cold temperatures. In this way the temperature, or climate, of where the wounded is, can determine their chances of contacting the infection Gangrene

Another important factor that climate controls is the physical and mental stress that the victim encounters. These worries may interfere with how well the victim recovers, because the continual stress suppresses the immune system. Increased ultra-violet rays, resulting from the ozone also suppress the immune system in both humans and animals.

In conclusion, there are many different aspects of climate which all affect the chances for a wound to become infected. If the conditions are favorable, then healing will occur. If the conditions are not favorable, then an infection will most probably occur. These facts attribute to the knowledge that climate has an immense influence over the likely-hood of a developing wound.

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