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Telephone And E-Mail Essay, Research Paper

It is essential for people to communicate with each others. As time has gone by people has created many methods for individuals to interact with each others. For example, before the telephone was invented people mail letters to each other. Later on came the invention of voice communication and now the invention of e-mail. Telephone and e-mail have already become daily needs for human beings. Which method is better is determined by which is more economical, financially inexpensive for the user and more convenient.

As we all know, as time goes forward and it will never go back. As a result, time has become a very essential factor in life. People can save more time by using the telephone rather than using e-mail because people can instantly get a reply from others; in an emergency situation, like a car crash, or if someone suddenly has a heart attack, the phone can be a life saver. However, when people are not in emergency situations, e-mail can save more time because people do not need talk to each other directly; consequently, people do not need to bother talking to those they don t want to. Since sometimes a conversation can take forever, it will save those people who do not like to speak on the phone much more time. Also, by using e-mail, people can wisely manage their time, yet on the phone it requires two or more people s agreements to hang up. As we can see, both the telephone and e-mail have their own advantages related to time.

Besides time, money is also a very important issue in our lives. These days, buying a telephone is much cheaper then buying a computer. Since telephones were invented a long time ago, they are very common household items. Hence, it is cheap to buy. By contrast, e-mail is still considered to be a new innovation, thus, e-mail is free. Computers are expensive. In addition, both the telephone and e-mail require a monthly payment. Nevertheless, telephone bills are mostly cheaper then Internet bills. Even now, many people cannot afford to buy a computer. As a result, many people still prefer to use the telephone instead of e-mail to communicate with others. On the other hand, those people who are able to afford a computer at home can save money, too. When these individuals want to talk with people who live overseas they do not need to pay any money. By contrast, people who only have phone services are they required to pay a minimum charge for long distance calls.

As the world improves, people create many new technologies for the convenience of human beings. This makes people lazier then before. Nowadays, individuals no longer need to go to people s houses and knock on their doors to talk with others. They can just stay at home using their telephones or e-mail to interact with each other. Telephone and e-mail are both very convenient tools that make everyone s life easier. E-mail in a way, is more convenient then telephones because it requires very few communication skills. For example, businessmen and salesmen need to talk smoothly and make their clients to be satisfied; these kinds of jobs require very good communication skills. Yet, if they can just send an e-mail to sell their product, then they do not need to talk to their clients ,especially when they are reluctant to.

In conclusion, it really depends on who is using the telephone or e-mail to judge which service is superior. They both are great inventions which have changed the way the world works. Thanks to these new inventions, it makes our lives easier then before.

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