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Should teenagers spend their young lives in jail

Recently in Detroit, Michigan a teenager was convicted in criminal court for a crime he committed. The judge place him in a juvenile facility and ordered him to mandatory psychiatrist evaluation, and base on his improvement, he will be set free at the age of twenty one. The judge did the most prudent thing in regards to the kid?s health and safety. If he had placed this kid in prison, he would be with hard core criminals and may not receive the proper rehabilitation facilities to address his needs.

Placing a teenager in prison with hard core criminals is beyond a doubt very detrimental to his or her safety, health, and, moreover, to society. One can not start to thing of the abuse and anguish this kid will endure at the hands of ruthless criminals. As a result, the teenagers may come out of prison worst than they entered. This will leave a black cloud on society and in our neighborhoods because of the mind frame that the teenagers will come out of prison with. It is highly impossible that these teenagers will not be taken advantage of in prison. And also, being in prison with hard core criminals can poison their minds rather than having the opportunity to rehabilitate their disability.

One way to ensure that our society stand a chance of being safe from these teenagers is to ensure that they receive the proper rehabilitation they need. Children do not have the judgment of adults, nor do they distinguished between fantasy and reality. Children do go through emotional and mental brake downs. This is not to say that every time that a teenager commits a crime that he has a problem, but the majority of times there are signs of some type of distress. Children are our leaders of tomorrow. Their lives are there to be saved not to be thrown down the drain. With the necessary rehabilitation, we can address these needs, and fused the demands that trigger the negative outburst from within them.

Teenagers are valuable asset to a country. We need to teach them conflict resolution skills to settle a dispute rather than violence. Being around hard core criminals is one way they will not learn it. However, rehabilitation (counseling) may be our best weapon to tame those that have gone astray not imprisonment.

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