THE HOLY LAND Essay, Research Paper

The Holy Land

Directly off of Granville St.,

Sunlight filtrates through the speckled backboards,

And the dull orange rims smile to show their gleaming

white string teeth.

These beings sit without activity awaiting their associate.

Inside a closed fence,

hidden from all the impurities that mean nothing.

Here are two respectful students ready bless

The Rock.

Outfitted in the traditional prayer attire;

Shorts, Jordan?s, and T?s,

they prepare to be enlightened.

One cradles the sphere for which these two orange life forms were created.

All is quiet,

except for the rhythmic bouncing of the round deity.

The beings awaken and stand at attention,

as if called by the drill sergeant.

Ready to reunite with their Allah

The leather god is released into the thin air,

rotating as if attracted to its dearest friend.

That beautiful sound rings like a Martin Luther King speech,

throughout the black and white Holy Land.


One of the disciples throws the now delighted object back to his friend

Only to be done again

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