Superficiality Essay, Research Paper

Everyone is guilty of it. even those who claim they’re not. think about it! EVERYONE cares about appearances. I care about appearance. I care about how I look, and though I try not to, sometimes I judge others on how they look.

but personality does matter most to me, and unlike a lot of people, I don’t just say that to make myself look better. I really believe it.

The one thing that makes me incredibly upset is when people judge others on appearance cruely. they see someone and call her a pot head because of the way she/he dresses, or think that that person would be un trust worthy, a bad friend, the type that’s going to go out and screw a whole bunch of people then leave. that’s how my parents are. they claim that they’re not racist in any way shape or form because they spent so much time in Africa, but if they see a black kid swaggering down the block, first thing that pops into their head is CRIMINAL! POT HEAD! THE RUIN OF AMERICA!

They see my friend Travis, who’s dyed his dirty blonde hair jet black, and wears spikes and chains, and think: RAPIST! POT HEAD! BAD INFLUENCE! THE RUIN OF AMERICA!

If they knew him like I do, they’d realize that Travis is an individual with an incredibly sweet personality and a tough out look on the world.

It makes me so mad, I just can’t possibly understand how my mom and dad can’t trust Travis, mostly because of the way he looks. And that they group all the little kids who act tough and look tough into one big Gang lump.

Then, there’s the preppies. They annoy me the absolute most on this matter. not only do they judge my appearance and only by appearance, but they will make fun of you if you’re not what they call, “up to par”. What is up to par?? perfect nails and perfect hair and clothes that cost a life savings to a 14 year old and are only found in the hottest teen magazines? manicures, pedicures, faicals, MY GOD. it doesn’t matter!

sure, look your best, by all means do whatever you think is necessary! but don’t judge others on it! Some people don’t have the money to buy designer brand clothing, and they are deemed losers and tormented for that. These people could be incredibly cool, have a great out look on life, be smart, funny, and more than anything the shallow preppies are, but they will still be teased and tormented because no one ever took the chance to get to know them.

I say, judge by the heart and mind, and I’m trying very hard to live by that. but just today, one of my superficial friends went off on how a guy friend of mine is ugly and how she can’t believe I like him and hang out with him. She went on and on about how ugly he is. I just looked at her with disbelief. I lost complete respect for her. This guy is one of the most caring, loving, nicest, most decent guys I know, and I can’t look at him and find him ugly. But she doesn’t know him and she doesn’t want to. she won’t even give him the chance. This is one of the meanest things i have ever heard come out of her mouth and I couldn’t believe it. It’s so superficial. Give it a rest. Everyone needs to just GIVE IT A REST.


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