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It was early dawn on a Friday morning, as the sun rises from the distant blue ocean we wait for daylight to breakout. My friend and I sat down on spot on the beach, as I focus closely at the surface of the waterfront the sand is very white, much like the winter snowflakes. As I look along the different points along the shore, the waves and ripple’s of the salty water crash upon various sections of the beach. These include a nudist section, a gay section, and a family section, I wasn’t sure but there might have been a section reserved for nude, gay families.

My friend and I unfolded our garden chairs and opened our cooler box in the family section of the beach. After putting on our sunglasses and lay on the sun block lotion, we popped open some cold beverages from a can. We then reclined back in our chairs to take in the clear, deep blue sky, the sea-green ocean, the red-hot sun and white sand. The pleasantly refreshing smell of the surf broke through the scent of the ocean mist. The cool breeze came towards us coming in off of the ocean water. The songs of the seagulls, and small children running about could be heard echoing around the beach.

A few hours had past and we began to get restless, I immediately insisted that we abandon the area and move to another section of the beach. After about ten minutes of walking, we decided to rest as the scorching sizzling sun began to tear through the clouds. We sat down as I drove the palm of my hand through the white sandy beach, the sand grains were transparent like fine crystal grains. The noise and activity of the family section of the beach was a distant blur to the east. We walked on the empty stretch of beach for another ten minutes until we had arrived. The twenty-minute walk had felt like a never-ending desert. We then sat back in our desired location absorbing the heat and ocean breeze.

After another several hours of lounging and drinking on the beach, The air had gotten thick, moist, smelly and hot. It felt constricting and suffocating like being stuffed inside a giant kiln. The late afternoon blistering heat wave had past as sunset had almost arrived. As the sun was setting disappearing into the distance, the light began to darken. The colour of the white clouds became grayer, the sky began to look like the colour spectrum changing from one hue and tint to another. It had gradually become dark, the sun was no longer visible as the day drew to an end.

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