Struggles In Life


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Several months ago my best friend, Dana McFarland, tried to do a terrible thing.

She tried to take her own life by overdosing on some pills. I was really shocked when I

found out. I asked her why she didn?t let anyone know how she was feeling. She replied,

?I felt like no one would understand.? I told her she could always talk to me about

anything, and I would do my best to try and help her.

Dana told me that she had felt really depressed for weeks. She also told me she

didn?t know why she had been feeling like that. From what I could see she had a lot going

for her. Dana had just gotten a brand new car, she had a great boyfriend, and she had

friends and family that loved her. It seemed that Dana was living the life I always wanted.

Dana told me that after she took those pills she laid there for about ten minutes and then

realized that she did not want to die. Dana told her mother what she did, and the

ambulance took her to the hospital.

At the hospital they ran some test on her and made her drink some black stuff

called charcoal. Dana told me that it tasted really nasty. She said it almost made her throw

up. The doctors told her that if she drank all the charcoal that she would be okay. They

made Dana stay at the hospital for four hours for observation. After the four hours were

up they said that she could go home, but she need to get help as soon as possible.

The next day Dana?s parents took her to charter. They did evaluated her. Dana

told me they asked her a whole lot of questions and that some of them were really dumb

ones. She told them that she still felt depressed, but that she did not want to die. Dana

realized now that there were people willing to help her. The woman at Charter told Dana

that they felt like she did not need to be admitted, but she needed to see a psychiatrist.

They told Dana that she would probably need to be put medication.

A couple weeks later Dana went to go see the psychiatrist. The doctor talked to

her and put her on some medication. Dana said that it was called Prozac. After about

three weeks on the medication Dana said that she started to notice a difference. Dana told

me that she didn?t worry as much and that it was easier for her to sleep. Finally She?s the

old Dana again. I am so glad that she lived and got the help she needed.

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