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Koby Easton, Paige Easton, Dutch Easton, Lady, and Squirt, Tracy Michaels, Max Grogan, Nickeljack, Becky Norman.

Koby is a twelve year old girl who lives in a boat called Dream Chaser, but Koby s family never goes anywhere with it. She loves the sea and she doesn t have many friends, so she is kind of lonely. When she was eight she got in a terrible accident and lost her right foot, so she must where a fake foot that not many people know about she calls her leggy because she would never call it her leg. Her parents fight all the time and she doesn t like it at all. Koby and her dad like playing tricks on each other. Koby is embarrassed about her foot and doesn t want people knowing about it. Koby likes adventure and stuff that is scary, so she likes a good challenge. Koby doesn t usually come home from riding around in her dinghy, Titmouse, when her mom tells her to.

Paige is Koby s mother and she is very protective because Koby lost her foot. Koby s mom has long hair, she is thin, and many people think she is pretty. She doesn t have a job, and she doesn t really like living on a boat. She stays at home all day and cleans. She is very nice. She is usually serious about everything.

Dutch is Koby s father and he lets Koby do almost anything she wants.

He is pretty much the opposite of Koby s mother. He has a curly, white beard and big shoulders. His job is catching lobsters and he usually gets home at night. He jokes around a lot.

Lady is a whale that Koby found. She is a mother and Koby really likes her. She was caught in a fish net, but Koby saved her. She is a pilot whale, and she has many scars and scratches on her. She really Koby.

Squirt is a baby whale and Lady s son. Koby really likes him. Koby was there when he was born. He is a pilot whale and he likes to play and is very energetic. He really trusts Koby.

Tracy is a vet who helps the whales when they get hurt. She becomes Koby s friend.

She is very kind. She is tall.Max is a marine biologist and he helps the whales when the get hurt. He is very nice.Nickeljack is an old man who used to be a sailor. He is Koby s friend and he has a dog-named squid. He is nice to Koby and some other people, but mean to some people. He is thin.

Becky is a girl that never used to talk to Koby, but soon became her friend. Becky is popular, and Koby calls her Ms. Perfect. Becky is pretty and has long hair and is very nice.


Place; Florida, the keys, lonesome key, Time; Present

Koby lives in a place called pelican harbor, in a boat called Dream Chaser, and the boat is docked there. She also goes to places called Colter s cut, a twisting channel of water that wound through a maze of mangrove trees which is scary to go in at night. The boat basin, the place where the whales are taken when they are hurt. Tess Morgan s house, where Koby and her mother live when Koby s parents split up. Banjo cut, the place where Koby s family, Nickeljack, and Squid go when the hurricane comes.


There are many conflicts in this story.

1.Koby s whole life changed when she lost her foot.

2.After Koby finds the whales, Lady and Squirt, she finds them stranded on some sand flats, and Lady s blowhole is going underwater and Koby must hold Lady so she doesn t drown.

3.Koby s parents argue all the time.

4.Koby s parents split up.

5.Koby and her mom have to live at Tess Morgan’s house.

6.Main conflict #1:A huge hurricane is said to be coming to Lonesome Key. But, there is nowhere for Koby and her mom to go. There is nowhere for her dad to go. There is nowhere for the whales to go either. That is a big problem.

7.Main Conflict #2: Koby is worried if the people at the boat basin will let the whales free or put them in an aquarium. Nickeljack said that the people at the basin weren’t going to let them free, he said they where just going to put them in an aquarium so people could look at them. Koby doesn t know if that is true or not, and she hopes not.


I think the theme of this story is friendship, because Koby becomes the whales friend, and they don t attack her, they know her, they trust her. She also makes many other friends, like Tracy, the vet who is very nice to her, Max, the marine biologist who jokes around with Koby, and Becky who is also interested in Koby s leggy. If I had to pick another theme, it would be trust, because Koby and the whales trust each other very much



characters; Koby, Paige, Dutch, Nickeljack, Lady, Squirt. Takes place in Lonesome key, in the Florida keys.

Rising action:

1.There is a huge hurricane coming to Lonesome key. Koby is worried about the whales, because there is no way they could move them. But she is also worried about her dad, where is he going to go? She is also worried about her and her mother where can they go?

2.Koby doesn t know if the people at the boat basin will let the whales free. Nickeljack said they wouldn t, but is he right. Koby doesn t know, and she is worried that he is right.


1.Hurricane:Koby s parents get back together and, in Dream Chaser, ride to a place called banjo cut, with Nickeljack and Squid. They wait until the hurricane is over, and even in banjo cut, miles and miles from where the hurricane hit the weather is still very bad. But they are still o.k.

2.Whales:One day, while at the boat basin, Tracy tells Koby they would let the whales free the next day. Koby wasn t ready for it, but she knew it had to be done.

Falling action:

1.Her parents get back together.

2.Whales wounds are healed.

3.Koby doesn t have to live in Tess Morgan s house anymore.

Conclusion: The whales are set free, and Koby has her last swim with the whales in the ocean. She plays with Squirt one last time, then the whales swim away, with a pack of dolphins and Koby, is happy.


Author: Ben Mikeaelsen

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