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It was a dark and stormy night, the power had just gone out, so there we were, sitting in the pitch dark not being able to see as much as two feet in front of ourselves. We decided to light candles. It was virtually impossible because of the darkness, and not being able to see. We made our way to the kitchen to get flashlights in order to find candles and matches. Just as we were beginning to get settled, a car pulled up. The car was a dark color, and because of the hard rain, it was hard to tell the kind of car that it was. It almost looked as if it fit the description of the car that was involved in a very local murder that occurred earlier in the week.

We went around the house and locked the doors because the guy in the car just sat there and watched us. It was very scary. Suddenly the car door opened and a man in a long trench coat got out. He had a flashlight and was shining it in our eyes. I tried to call my mom on her cell phone with my cell phone, to ask her to please come home. As I dialed the number, the man knocked on the door. Then there was silence, and he knocked again and again. Suddenly, the man tried to open the door. I kept dialing the number, but her phone was busy. Then I dialed 911, and my battery died. I then rushed over to the phone, and it was dead too.

The next thing I know, my dad is shaking me saying ?Cristy, wake up!? I opened my eyes, and there he was standing before me looking very concerned. He asked if something was wrong. I explained to him everything that ?happened?, and he just kind of smirked. He then tried to explain to me that it was all just a bad dream and assured me everything was ok. He sat there with me until I fell back to sleep, and everything seemed normal again the next morning.

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