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Written, Directed, Produced, Choreographed, and Computer Animated by

Mario DiNatale

Opening Scroll:

The core worlds of the universe have experienced peace and prosperity under the protection of the Jedi Knights. However the Outer Rim of the Galaxy is in Turmoil. Vicious and Brutal power struggles between rival warlords keep the Outer Rim in constant chaos and anarchy. Now the violence is about to be spread to the core worlds by a malevolent Sith Lord.

*2 men standing behind 1 way glass

[Doctor] My Lord, I am worried about your son. I know you want to create a great heir to your throne, but he is begginning to show sadistic and sociopathic tendencies.

[Kraken] That doesn’t concern me, Doctor. If he does something wrong, shock him with more electricity. If he isn’t learning fast enough shock him some more. Am I unserstood?

[Doctor] With all do respect my Lord, this shock treatment he has been recieving since he was born, has been extremely ineffectual. What he needs is a role model. Someone he can look at, and shape himself after.

[Kraken] You know what Doctor? You are correct. He needs a better role model than

than some sniveling synchomphant like you.

[Doctor] No! NO! My Lord, thats not…. What….I….Mea.nt…(exhales and crumples)

*Force Choke* *Doctor grabs a his throat*

*Scene switches to bridge of Star Destroyer*

[Kraken] You see this boy? All this is yours when I’m gone. (Father & son look out

window at galazy) You see that bright spot on that planet below us. 250,000 non-humans live there. This button is linked to a turbolaser that

will level that city when pressed. (Father motions toward button) WE ARE

the ultimate power in the Galaxy. WE CONTROL who lives and dies, do you understand that Lothos?

[Lothos] Yes, my father.

[Kraken] Now show those non-humans who controls them. (the boy eagerly reaches

out and presses the button)

*Lasers rush out toward the planet and the light disappears*

*Father and son laugh maniacally*

*Scene switches to brightly lit conference room, overlooking Coruscant*

[Councilor Boclat] Jedi Master Vonac, I have chosen you for a special mission,

because of your dealing with the Sith.

[Vonac] The Sith? They’re all but extinct! The last Sith Lord was destroyed by my own saber! I’m sure I would have felt a disturbance in the force if their was a new Sith Lord.

[Councilor Boclat] So we thought, New Republic Intelligence reports tell us that the

Sith Lord you killed may have had trained another apprentice, before he

trained the one that you, also killed. I considered this a major threat, so

I had some Intelligene operatives follow up on this. It seems that sometime

during his training process, the first aprentice began using his new found talents to wage war in the Outer Rim. The supposed Sith, has carved out

a sizable sector for himself in the Outer Rim, and has become a major

Warlord. He goes by the name Kraken….. I’ll expect you to get under way


[Vonac] If this, “Kraken” is as dangerous as you believe, then I would like another

Jedi with me.

[Councilor Boclat] Who would you like to take with you?

[Vonac] Jedi Knight Cassydia, she is by far the best with a lightsaber, and is very

well trained in hand to hand combat. Skills like that would come in very

handy against a Sith.

[Councilor Boclat] Very Good, take her and be on your way as soon as possible.

*Cassydia is seen sweating pofusely and working out againt a punching bag*

[Vonac] Cassydia!

[Cassydia] Yes, Master Vonac?

[Vonac] I need your help immediately. Pack some things for a wek or so, and

bring your lightsaber. I’ll brief you everything on th wat to the Outer Rim.


*Cutscene of starfighter taking off and heading into outerspace*

*Scene takes place on bridge of Ship*

[Cassydia] So how do you propose we find this “Kraken”? The Outer Rim is a BIG


[Vonac] I know someone on Tatooine, that’s where we’re headed now.

[Cassydia] Tatooine? Never heard of it. But anyway, this person you know, is

he an information broker or something?

[Vonac] Not quite…

*Scene switches to Lothos and Kraken lightsaber sparring*

*Lothos “power moves” Kraken and knocks the lightsaber from his hand*

*Lothos uses force to pull the saber into his hand”

[Kraken] Ahhhh, you make your father proud. I have seen your powers increase

ever since I took you away from that sniveling excuse for a doctor. In the past six months, your lightaber skills surpass even mine! Your Force Powers are immesurable and by building your own lightsaber, you have shown me your training is almost complete. To complete your training, you

must kill a Jedi.

*Lothos is seen over Kraken’s shoulder shrouded in his hood, you can’t see his eyes only his mouth; he is grinning*

*In one swift motion, Lothos ignites his lightsaber and stabs him in the back, and turns off the saber while its still inside him*

*Shot doesn’t show saber, you hear the and Kraken’s eyes bulge out and blood comes out of his mouth. The shot pans out and then shows the saber sticking out

os his chest*

*His body crumplss to its knees and then collapses to the ground*

[Lothos] Well then,…. I guess my training is complete. Now I am the leader of this


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