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The Sphere is a novel about a huge vessel that is discovered in the South

Pacific on the ocean floor. A group of scientists descended to investigate

the mysterious discovery. The protagonists are the scientists: Norman,

Ellen, Captain Barnes, Dr. Johnson, Beth, Harry, and Ted. The antagonist of

the story at the beginning is a set of tragedies. Later the antagonist turns

out to be themselves.

The book starts out with the scientists having to take many vigorous

mental and physical tests. Qualifying them to submerge themselves thousands

of feet down into a spaceship of phenomenal dimensions. Many personality

conflict arise. At one point communication is almost permanently lost with

the surface world. An idea the spacecraft is from the future is shortly


Once the Sphere is opened, total anarchy takes control of the scientists

lives. A monstrous squid, 15 times the size of a normally larger squid,

emerges and destroys the living quarters of the scientists. Now they are

forced to live in the spacecraft with all communication lost with the

outside world. Killer shrimp, fire, and internal floods follow the

introduction of the squid. Barnes is eaten alive by the gigantic squid.

After the climax and many deaths the few people left discover whoever

enters the Sphere is granted the power that everything they think or imagine

happens or is created. Either it’s conscious or subconscious, while they’re

sleeping or awake, or even if they really want it to happen. They also it

was planted by another world as a test of its full capabilities and consequences.

Ted actually imagines his own death, only to kill himself. Once their emergency

submarine is lost, they realize they have a serious problem being trapped together. So sadly, eventually everyone dies 1,200 feet below the rest of the world.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a book that’s not boring.

Even though it’s not a book to finish all at once or very quickly. It requires

you to think, to be able to understand the story line fully. It’s very graphic,

suspenseful, and fast paced. Overall this book is pretty good, even for a


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