Speacial Rights Or Extra Rights


Speacial Rights Or Extra Rights Essay, Research Paper

In these days it seems like another thing has been corrupted by lazy unmotivated people that think that they have found an easy way to make it by in life. This is being special rights. Every person has an excuse nowadays to be supported by some kind of right that the rest of society is violating. So why does it seem that over the years special rights have been turned into extra rights? Every group that demands these rights doesn t want to be equal but they want to have more than the people that have quote-unquote suppressed them, and we as every day citizens that work hard for our money should not have to pay for their laziness or excuses.

The first reason why we should not have to pay for them in our taxes is that for the simple reason they abuse these programs. Just look at unemployment, once there on they pretty much stay on for as long as they can. They, being the government, always say that unemployment is always dropping but why do we always have to pay more and more for it? Another abuse of special rights programs is the fact that there are so many of them. People start making classifications as to what they are and the more names that get thrown in the more people feel sorry for so they give more money. I for one cannot stand these programs and wish they would all get cancelled.

People also stay on the programs longer than they should. They should only get a couple months to get up and going again, because anyone should be able to find any job, it doesn t matter what it is, in lets say two months. Who cares if its picking up garbage or sweeping floors its better than nothing is it? But then again why should they, they can get more staying at home than working for minimum wage. Hey that s great lets all stay home and collect welfare and maybe make something up about ourselves and say that the public has treated us unfair and we deserve more money.

A second way that they abuse these programs is that they use them as their only income. The person has no real intent of going out and getting a job like the rest of the real world. They know that they can get a check in the mail and sit home and watch TV. Maybe is we cut their cash flow they would be more motivated to go get a job and join reality because frankly I m tired of paying money out of the check I work for just so some moron watching Jerry Springer at home can get my money. I m sure every one with a job would agree with me, and who cares what the lazy bastard at home thinks; they aren t doing anything to benefit society are they.

Besides the abuse these pathetic people put on the programs that have no right being to the point there at is that they want extra rights. Why not they usually get them, and they keep pushing it further and further. For awhile it seems as if they will get cut off, then it seems the next day they are awarded the world (maybe its just me and I know I m exaggerating but it does seem that way doesn t it?) and it all comes out of our pay for the jobs we do. It doesn t seem fare that lazy people get the money we work for because first we get taxed when we first get paid, then we have to pay taxes on everything we buy, then we have to pay taxes again at the end of the year.

They want something one way but not the other, is what I mean is that they want something to work for them but as soon as it starts helping someone else they attack it and destroy it. If it doesn t help them it wont work for anyone or at least that s they way they look at it. If you watch the news r read the newspaper you can see articles all the time about how an activist for some stupid worthless cause is fighting for some right that has no right being in America. It has become almost an everyday thing for these people to cheat the system.

They also want thing s they do not deserve, and they almost always get them. Again it always comes out of our taxes from the jobs we work hard for. They say they have been treated unfair and that society owes them for the unfair treatment that they have been put through. Or they say they were born the way they were. The best example I can think of is gays, or what ever they want to be called. But if they were born that way why aren t their parents gay? It seems a little odd to me and also I think it is an excuse to get money another way.

The third problem I see with these programs and why they should be terminated is that people will live off these programs. When I lived in Oregon it seemed people would avoid getting a job because they knew that if they got a job they would actually loose money. So why not stay on the programs. It makes since doesn t it, even though its wrong and should not be but it is. Maybe its that we need a new government that would destroy these programs, whatever it is we need to find it fast and at least make it better to get a job. Two reasons I see that they live off of these programs is that they wait for check to check and also they put themselves in certain positions. I ve personally seen families wait for each check to come in the mail so that they could go out and use it in beer and cigarettes or other pointless crap.

Some people will go to the extent of moving to certain areas so that they can get more money. They also have more children so that their welfare check will be more. I have also seen this where there are families that cant even support the children they have but they want more money so they have another kid. They get almost everything paid for at the hospital through the government programs. Which is also from our taxes. If I had it my way I wouldn t give them anything for area they live in or children they have why should we, its not they like couldn t afford a condom.

Finally I would just like to say that I know not all people are like this but the majority are and they ruin it for everyone. I don t want to stereotype but when it s such a large number and a big problem in today s society we have to do something. Or there is no hope for our children to have anything because lazy pathetic people now are using all the money that the government has put aside for the original programs. These programs most defiantly were not set up to be abuse like this.

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