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I think resources should continue to be used for space exploration. There are many people who look upon space exploration as an unnecessary expense incurred trying to satisfy dreamers, while leaving real problems like human suffering unresolved. But it has had many practical benefits in the past, and will continue to yield in the future. For instance: Almost every new technology used in commercial or military aircraft has been pioneered by the space industry. Many sophisticated new technologies would not have been successful and would have been abandoned if spacecraft had not given them a profitable application in space research and exploration. Not to mention the fact that the satellites that help to bring you your t.v. would not be up there if the rockets had never been bust. There are of course, also other reasons to explore space and gain knowledge about the universe around us. Discovering the origins of the universe understanding the motion and evolution of galaxies and the search for extra life come readily to mind. It would also be nice to colonize the moon and other planets, we could build spaceships that could travel to other star systems. The possibilities are bondless once we break the bonds that the earth has around us and overcome the fear and ignorance of our fellow human beings. However, if all the money that is spent on breaking the limits, on raising the roof, were spent on helping starving children in underdeveloped countries and those who cannot help themselves , we would still be living in the stone age. We need to devote money, time and energy to both or else civilization will stagnate. So in my opinion the endeavor in the last half a century has been definitely worthwhile and that they should continue it with no doubt.

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