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Author: Walt WhitmanTitle: Song of MyselfSummary: Song of Myself is a poem by Walt Whitman that encourages the inner-self and emphasizes the unity of all nature. Near the beginning, Whitman vividly describes how free he feels and states that everyone should experience it not at second or third hand. He says there is no better time than now and nothing will happen if you wait for the world around you to change. He explains how everyone has an inner-self and how there . . .is really no death . . . Whitman strongly believes in the idea that people shouldn t hide how they feel or be ashamed of their most private thoughts. He writes of the uniqueness that everyone posses and the varieties of individual events that take place every day.

Response: I had to read this twice to even halfway understand all of it. I m sure there is still a lot that I missed. Song of Myself was a very long, but interesting, poem. Some of what Whitman said made sense, but I didn t agree with all of it (assuming that I read it in the right context). The part about the grass, death, and immortality was really confusing.

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