Societies In Pride And Prejudice


Societies In Pride And Prejudice Essay, Research Paper

Two Societies

The novel Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, divides mainly into two societies. The characters in the novel are in conflict due to their income, in that, being part of the lower class submits some characters to prejudice and they rich are too proud. The following information will explain how the characters in the novel are ranked by their income.

The first of the two classes is the middle society. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, and their five daughters, are a part of this class. Mrs. Bennett, having five daughters, wants them to marry the best they can. She realizes that the only way her daughters will be happy is to marry men with money. Elizabeth Bennett, the main heroin, is terribly embarrassed by her family’s social stature and their actions. She feels that her mother is too overbearing in her quest to find her daughters husbands. In addition, Mr. Collins, Mr. Bennett’s cousin, embarrasses Elizabeth with a proposal of marriage. She feels that Mr. Collins is being ridiculous. Her family receives prejudice because they are poor, and for no other reason.

The second class is obviously the upper class. As part of this class, Fitzwilliam Darcy is a person who will not socialize with anyone outside of his social standards. He is very prudent and cold. He will not dance with the Bennett sisters because he knows their economic status. Mr. Bingley starts to fall in love with Jane Bennett, Elizabeth’s sister, but is discouraged by his sisters and Darcy. They tell him that she is not good enough for him. Darcy himself tries hard to keep his guard up, but it breaks down and he falls in love with Elizabeth. Darcy, realizing his love, forces it upon Elizabeth. He stresses that she should marry him because of the superiority of his family over hers. In addition, he has not been able to conquer his, obviously wrong, love for her. She is disgusted with him and refused. This how the upper class shows prejudice to the lower class.

Consequently, Pride and Prejudice evidently has a conflict between the upper and lower class. The upper wants nothing to do with the lower. It is obvious that the rich are too proud to talk to the middle class. The conflict goes on until they realize that they are being imprudent and change their ways.

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