Social Change In The Us


Social Change In The Us Essay, Research Paper

Social Change in the United States

Social change is the changes with living together as a group with human beings. People experience social change all of their life and it never ends. Without social change, this world would be very dull and boring.

Social change happens to you and your family all the time. Your family is a social unit within the larger group. Families are the basic unit in society. Social change has no ready solution and can have either positive and negative effects, but there are always forces of resistance in the way. Fads, cars, and clothing all have an effect on you and they are one of the most powerful. Most people are willing to change with the times, especially the younger generation. The environment in which you live has great change on you and it usually sets your morals, behavior and life style. You can be like everyone else but you will still be an individual.

People need to have a set of values to live by to help them through society. These values are passed through families. With a positive attitude and a set of goals, your life will be easier and you will be capable of making correct choices and help others. People will either fail or adapt to social changes and the ones who are strong and have a good set of values will make it.

Changes in laws, technology and people may promote social change in the individual, country or world. Examples are the automobile and television. Theses inventions are social reforms. Reform is to form again, usually in a peaceful manner. Such changes have occurred from a revolution which is a complete overthrow to establish order. Reforms are much better for the country and more effective.

Social change is people and they are the ones who will determine it. Our environment and other generations will have a great effect on how we will live and what we will become.

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