Social Acceptance


Social Acceptance Essay, Research Paper

Social Acceptance

A child goes to school, the teacher asks, “Have your mom come in for a ‘teacher

mother conference’.” Suddenly, the child is confused. For the first time he

thinks about his home setting and wonders, “Which mom is supposed to come in? I

have two moms.”

The example given is not an unusual one. It is something that happens all the

time in today’s society in which homosexual couples live with and rear children

together. Where most children have a mother and a father, children of gay or

lesbian parents have either two moms or two dads. While some may look at this

as a “taboo” or , being in the Baptist belt, “a sin”, in today’s society more

than 15% of families are with same sex parents who are raising one or more


Legally, homosexual marriages are not binding, thus causing difficulty in

adopting or fostering children. Due to society it is often difficult to birth a

child, as well, without a “husband” or a “father” in a mother’s life. Therefore,

those who have children, via pregnancy, foster, or adoption have conquered a

very difficult task.

So, is this family an abnormal family because there are no opposite sex parents.

Or is it a normal family because of the love its’ members share? Can we say

what it is that makes a family. Perhaps, if we can answer these questions, we

will find the solutions we need to fulfill the doubts in our minds.

Should we ever condemn someone for loving? When we judge, is this what morality

is?? I think not! If we would teach our children to accept “love” as that

which it is, a mutual feeling of love and respect, perhaps the prejudice and

conclusions that society sees will change. We must teach that “gay” is not a

“bad” word, it is merely the same love as others feel, but done in a special way.

Because we are different, does this make u

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