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Whether you admit it or not, everyone has seen at least fifteen minutes of a soap opera in their lifetime. Who hasn’t had one of those days where they’re sitting at home, flipping through channels when they sort of pause to take a peek at what’s happening on the latest episode of Days of Our Lives. The funniest thing though, is when they hear someone coming; the television is suddenly set to much music. Sure it may sound dumb changing channels, but hey I actually know people who do that, especially guys. Notice that practically all guys will say they have never seen a single episode of a soap opera, but all of a sudden if you catch them off guard they’re the first ones to tell you what happened to Sammy and Austin on yesterdays episode of Days of Our Lives. But of course, they cover with the simple manly answer that they only watch the soap opera because they have “hot chicks”. Yeah, sure.

According to a recent survey that I happened to spot on Global News, studies show people that watch soap operas are much happier and less stressed than those who don’t. Well who wouldn’t feel less stressed when you see what goes on in the lives of these poor characters? For example, you can’t exactly compare finding out that your soon to be husband is actually your brother’s, wife’s, uncle’s, roommate’s, sister’s, cousins long lost father, to your petty problems at work. Sure you can say that kind of stuff only happens on television, but what’s freaky in soap opera’s is that your actually get drawn into them and forget that they are only imaginary. I know that when I watch Young and the Restless, suddenly I hear myself saying that I wish I could be Victor Newman’s secretary just because that’s how cool he is. Sure it’s kind of scary but considering my life is so boring right now, even a little dose of absolute sleaze is good for the soul. I’m not saying I would like to live their lives, but you have to admit people on soap operas are exceptionally strong considering they have no problem framing eachother, sleeping with their sister’s husband, having amnesia, and then finding out that you re a totally different person altogether. I know that if I went through all that I’d be a very deranged and troubled person, who’d probably be traumatized for life and my psychiatrist would be set for life on counseling me alone.

The absolute best reaction though, is when you actually start talking to the television, in the hopes of helping the characters. It’s weird I always find myself saying something like, “Carrie you have Austin why the hell would you want Mike?” as if she could really hear me and suddenly forget her infatuation with Mike. There are even times where I become so frustrated with a particular episode that I can’t stop talking about it even after it s over simply because it was so ridiculous.

Whether you’re one of those people who spend 4 hours a day watching soap operas, or happen to think their a complete waist of time, one thing’s for sure who ever came up with the idea of airing a dramatic version of Jerry Springer, is making a wad of cash.

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