So You Are Going To High School


So You Are Going To High School. Essay, Research Paper

So You Are Going To High School.

I am going to explain to my little cousin what to expect from high school; how the social scene is different, what you have to do to graduate, and what some of the perks of being an upper classman are.

When you start going to high school, you will be somewhat scared. The other students will be older, larger, and possible more mature. You will see many different faces, some you like and perhaps some that you don’t. There will be girls that you like and girls you don’t that will like you.

One of the bonus’ about being in high school, is you have more freedom that you do in middle school. You get longer lunches, with longer lunches you may get the chance to have open campus. Open campus is when you are allowed to leave campus for your lunch period to go to the restaurants you like to eat at. One catch is you have to have a car or at least know someone with one.

Your classes in high school will be a little harder and longer in duration then they are at the middle school. You will also have a lot more classes to choose from, such as pottery, ROTC, and photography. Your teachers also expect more from you, and will be all over you to do your homework and keep your grades up. Teachers are also willing to help out as much as possible. If you are failing a class, you can stay after and get help from them. Also, in high school there is a wide variety of after-school activities, sports and clubs.

When you are graduating from high school, you will be in the 12th grade. Graduation is difficult because you have to worry about who to invite to the ceremony and buying all the special things you need, like a cap and gown and graduation pictures. Many people will congratulate you on your successful completion of your high school career. A lot of the time people will give you graduation presents of money and other gifts like that. Your parents may give you a car for graduating because they are proud. People will ask about your plans after graduation, what college you will attend, where you will work, where you will move, or what you want to do with your life. Graduation is very exciting because you are moving on with the rest of your life, but you will miss all the high school teachers who taught you so much and the high school friends that will move in all different direction.

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