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Shirley Temple Black Hollywood’s Youngest Star

Did you ever know that a little girl could be a famous movie star? It

happened to Shirley Temple, she became Hollywood’s youngest star.

On April 23, 1928 Shirley Temple was born. One day, when Shirley

was three and a half years old, about two hundred children gathered at her

dance school to audition for a movie. Shirley raced out onto the brightly lit

stage and got the part in the movie series Baby Burlesks. For the next two

years, Shirley sang her songs and danced in this movie. Her mother didn’t

like that Shirley was always doing the same thing. A big movie company

called Fox, hired Shirley and started making movies just for her.

Shirley became the most popular star in the movies. Everyone liked

her movies because the movies made them feel really good inside. Shirley

made alot of money making movies and she loved acting.

When Shirley started getting older, the movies became more serious.

The audiences didn’t like Shirley in these kinds of movies and she became

less popular.

Shirley liked to be competitive in everything. She decided to be the

first person in her class to become engaged. On September 19, 1945 Shirley

married John Black and 12,000 people waited outside the church to see her.

When Shirley stopped making movies, she got busy with politics.

President Nixon chose Shirley to become the U.S. Representative of the

United Nations.

Shirley is a kind and gentle girl to other people. She is special to me

because she is a good friend to people if they are sad or feeling bad. She

enjoys everything she does and always wants to do it well. That’s what’s

special to me.

I enjoyed half of the book. The beginning was wonderful, but the

end was a little bit boring. I would recommend this book to other children

because it is fun and interesting to read about famous people. Also, many of

her movies we can rent and it is interesting to know about actors.

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