Sex Before Marriage


Sex Before Marriage Essay, Research Paper

It is Saturday night; you are getting ready to go out for a

night on the town. Since it is singles night at the local bar

you decide to go there and spend your Saturday night,

maybe get in a game whilst you indulge yourself in drinks. At

the bar you not only meet someone to your liking but after a

couple of drinks you find that you wake up the next morning

with her beside you, not remembering exactly what

happened last night. All you can remember is the wild

dancing and the loud music. It takes you a long time before

you can realize that you actually slept with someone that you

had know for a mere couple of hours. But that is perfectly

normal and you return to work the next day as if nothing

happened over the weekend. After all it?s the 90?s.

This situation might seem very familiar to a number of people

for this seems to be the ongoing trend in meeting people and

acquiring pleasure. Sex without Love has become common

practice in the 21st century, with very few people stopping

to ask, "Is it really worth it", or "Is that the right thing to

do". Well has anyone stopped to ask, "How do they do it"?

How is it possible to have sex without making love? Sex has

become a mere form of entertainment, a form of acquiring

pleasure without the feeling of love. It is not necessary to be

in love to make love. That seems to be the dominant view in

present society. Nightclubs, bars, pubs, are not only places

where someone goes for a drink but is somewhere where

someone can actually meet someone and sleep with them the

same night. People spend a great deal of time on themselves

working out, looking good so they can attract a member of

the opposite sex hoping that they would manage to sleep

with someone who looks good. Whatever happened to

actually knowing what someone really is like before actually

sleeping with them? After all is not the best pleasure

acquired only when we fall in love? Or is it that love has

become a rare part of life?

The 21st century has experienced Sex without Love, and in

the opinion of this reporter the American society has

witnessed the loss of basic human values. But I am sure that

there are people who might disagree. Although I feel that it is

imperative to stop and ask us, Why? This is an issue that

should be addressed lest it is too late.

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