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Term Paper Written by: Evelyn Adams Mr. Linich Simplicity in Self DefenceYou’re in class and the tension is mounting. Your body is shaking, your mind is racing, your nerves are on edge and sweat stings your eyes. IT”S A PANIC DRILL, AND YOU’RE NEXT!!! What will you do? You know lots of self defence tactics and manouvers but which one will you employ? Suddenly your attacker comes toward you! You think to yourself “Maybe I’ll slip to the left and counterpunch, or maybe I’ll go for a nice takedown and jointlock combination. Oh wait! I know! I’ll…..” It’s too late, your attacker has pummelled you into a bloody pile of laundry.Does this scene sound familiar? It happened to me the first few times I participated in panic type drills. I was frozen into inaction because my mind was racing, filtering all of the options I had available to me. Then I realized that my mistake was that I was trying to master everything I was learning at once and trying to employ that mass of knowledge into my personal self defence plan. What I learned to do was pick and choose a few techniques that really work for me and try to apply those techniques to as many different self defence situations as possible.After I have chosen my preferred techniques for given situations, the next step is practice, practice, practice. When you have done that, practice some more. You need to get these techniques embedded into your “body memory”. When these techniques are in your body memory, you stand a greater chance of performing them when you are under stress from a confrontation and your senses are being overloaded as adrenaline is pumped throughout your body. I realize that repeating the same movements over and over again is boring and isn’t a whole lot of fun, but you can spice this sort of training up by being creative; use movement, timing, different levels of power, alternative terrain, etc to add some variety.

I realize that some people may feel that this sort of specified training is nonsense and they may feel that the more techniques you have, the better prepared you are. While I agree with the basic premise of this argument, I would ask these individuals if they can apply all of that knowledge they have aquired. Knowing the mechanics of your system is one thing, applying the techniques and understanding the principles is another. This is not to say you shouldn’t learn all of your chosen system and hope to master it all one day, quite the contrary, learn as much as possible. It’s just that it takes decades to master a martial art, and quite frankly, I can’t say to my attacker “Catch me in 20 or 30 years, ok?”. So learn your whole system, but choose a few techniques to really focus and assimilate into your body memory.Incidently, your favourite techniques will probably change over time as you become more knowledgable, older, become healthier or ill, etc. The moral of this article is; keep your self defence plan simple, practice as much as possible, and train with the idea of mastering your chosen style one step at a time.

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