Self-Esteem & Media Essay, Research Paper

Self-Esteem & Media

In The 90 s

A Reflective Essay

Believe it or not; the media has impacted upon your life in one way or another. The commercials, magazine ads, radio advertisements, they all have done or said something to catch your attention for if nothing else, and extra three seconds. The television commercial is the powerhouse of influential propaganda of today, and the days to come. The music videos on TV often portray women as being inferior. They are not capable to withstand the pressures of society; therefor, they turn to the focal point of the situation (the man), to keep themselves (the women) on the right path. The two movies I viewed in class prior to this essay, Pretty Woman & Norma Rae. Are the exact opposites of the media s portrayal of women. These movies were both released prior to the nineties, but both revolve around one woman with the self confidence to stand up for their rights, and what they believe. The media has only really impacted my life when I was a young child. The perplexing commercials of GI JOE and the unforgettable Transformers were just mind boggling. Anytime a new commercial aired. I would always ask for the newest one. This was of course, before I comprehended the value of the Canadian dollar bill. As the nineties have change the appearance of our currency, my outlook on first impressions of the advertisements has changed as well.

Subsequent to the view of both Norma Rae and Pretty Woman, I felt the characters played by Sally Field and Julia Roberts were down to earth and portrayed realistically for their time frames. At first, they both turned to men for comfort and it led them into a world of trouble. After all their wrong doings and misjudgments in their lives, they both had a chance to reconcile their mistakes. After this spiritual cleansing, both characters unleashed a new positive outlook on the up and coming challenges they could be presented with as their lives neared the resolution of the movies.

The media can have a terrible impact on the lives of individuals that do not realize the dangers the magazines, and commercials present. The viewer must be taught to view ads with a subjective eye. Not all you see on TV is the way everything is. The only viewpoint that should be important to the viewer is their own. The viewer should not allow the media to tell them what fashion styles are hot, or not for this fall. The viewer must be open-minded about all subjects they are confronted with. If the viewer is confused or unsure of what they have just viewed, the viewer should discuss the subject matter with someone who understands the diversities of the media. In addition to how it uses its power to target certain age group and cultural horizons.

For instance let us take an in-depth look on Terry Hogan, formerly of the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) where he was known to practically anyone with a television as Hulk Hogan . After a few misinterpretations of his contract in the WWF, he then changed scenes and joined the WCW (World Championship Wrestling). He brought with him the same fan support in which he called Hulk-a-mania. Along with the same morals he attempted to instill in all the viewers of the sport. (Eat and sleep properly, say your prayers and take vitamins, and always believe that God is on your side.) Well, the times have changed the epitome of role models, the character of Hulk Hogan, into a devastating, hell-bringer by the name of Hollywood Hogan . Hollywood Hogan cares about nothing except destroying his opponents and he is on a mission to rule the world. The change was brought about by the WCW because their ratings were dropping because the golden boy image means nothing to the common day viewer anymore. Violence is now everything and Terry Hogan actually admitted in a television interview that the saliva spitting, vigilante that he now portrays is indeed the more appealing role of the two he has focused upon. Well, the WCW ratings have now reached number one in wresting sports entertainment industry. The “bad boy” image is slowly becoming by the WWF to try to propel themselves back onto the highest plateau.

The media can be dangerous and yet informative. It brings us comedy, insight, up-to-date news and weather all at a couple of touches of a button. Time will bring the up rise of the equal rights movement but it will also stir up more tension as activists begin their first and second moves of terrorization against the world. Role models are being lost in this world of hate, and the media should not be where a teen or young child should look for a role model. Parents should assume the role of role model to their children. They should be told what is right from what is wrong. They should learn to be a proud citizen. The should be told to nurture all what they have learned throughout life, and to teach those same values to their children. They should learn not to take life for granted. They should understand that there are no guarantees in life except taxation and eventual death. Then and only then, role models will begin to reappear in media, and suicidal rates and drug usage among the population will drop. Only time will tell. It is up to all of us to take advantage of the time we possess today and not wait to do it tomorrow.


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