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Implementation of the proposed electronic security system began on Monday, April 10, 2000.This first phase will be completed by the 31st of May 2000 at a cost of approximately 1.8 million Jamaican dollars.

During this first phase, electronic barriers were installed at the main gates and the six internal parking lots. This will also include the installation of lighting fixtures located in the designated areas as described in the proposal.

All the necessary hardware to complete this project were imported from our overseas suppliers. The access cards and the 26SA access control units should be cleared from the wharves in the coming week.

This report seeks to identify a weekly schedule, including budgetary information, up to the completion of the project.

Timeline For Completion

I. Work Completed

? The two electronic barriers have been installed at the main gates. These will not be functional, as the 26SA access control units have not yet been cleared from the wharves. As a result, the original barriers have not yet been removed; this will allow monitoring of the University?s traffic until the new system is put online.

? The barrier for the administrative parking lot has also been installed.

? The computer system has been set up in the guardroom at the main gates.

? The U.P.S system has been connected to this terminal to ensure constant power in the event of a power failure.

II. Work In Progress

? Presently, our information technology technician is programming the computer terminal.

? The U.P.S system is going through a daily test to identify if the system is also sufficient to maintain the backup supply for the access control units. If the U.P.S is not able to do this, then monthly maintenance will have to be carried out. This, for the most part, will consist of preventative maintenance procedures.

? The electronic barriers for the other five parking areas are being installed.

? Lighting for the Faculty of Architecture parking area is being installed. However, these costs will not be detailed in this report as that aspect of the project has been issued to a private contractor as previously discussed.

Timeline For Completion

III. Work To Be Done

? The eight (8) 26SA access control units are to be installed.

? The access cards are also to be programmed. This will include all the necessary information for each person requiring an access card. This aspect of the project will require assistance from Utech?s administrative staff. As a result, no precise deadline for completion will be stated at this time.

? A training course will have to be designed for all members of staff operating the system. This is to ensure that its users are proficient in its operation and use.

? The lighting of the Faculty of commerce, the canteen, the rear of the library and the engineering department are also to be completed.


To date, a total of approximately four hundred and eighty thousand Jamaican dollars have been spent, as previously tabulated. This budgetary information does not include labour costs as the original proposal stated these costs per parking area; none of which are complete.


? Ascertain all members of staff that will be required to do the training course that is being prepared, by our I.T specialist. This will allow proper planning in the streamlining of this new system.

? To further eliminate the build up of traffic exiting the main gates, patrons will have to swipe their access cards on exiting the internal parking lots. The barrier to exit the campus will not require the card to be used, but will use a photo beam to lift it. Once it is raised, it gives the patron twelve (12) seconds to exit.

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