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The sea eagle, which is also called an erne, is not closely or at all related to the golden eagles but is somewhat realted to certain kinds of vultures. The sea eagal has unfethered lower legs, and a bright yellow bill. Which is a lot longer and heavier than the gray bill of the golden eagals. Sea eagles live in costal regions and around lakes, and streams, they feed a lot but not all on fish. The bald eagle which is the national bird of the United States, is an member of this group.It strays greatly in North America, from Alaska and to Florida, with most are comming from the northern parts of the range. After there breeding season these northern birds migrate south, as to many southern birds which may wander north. The name bald, does not mean of lack of feathers, but it comes from an obsolete word meaning marked with white. The younger birds in this species lack the white colored head and tail of the adults, these may take four to five years to attain. When compared to other eagles,the bald eagle is not a very good hunter and fisher, is is also relatively clumsy, and relies mostly on dead or injured fish. The bald eagle also steals fish from smaller or younger eages harrasing it in the air untill the bird drops the fish, then wich the eagle then snatches it. Another type of bald eagle is the white-tailed sea eagle. It has a gray color unlike the bald eagle, and it’s head is pale and not white. In this group the largest member is theSteller’s sea eagle, which lives in the costal northeastern Asia and visits the Aleutain and Pribilof islands of Alaska. It is a black colored eagle with an wedge shaped type tail and in adults, a large patch of white on the shoulders.

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