Science Fair Project Melting Ice


Science Fair Project: Melting Ice Essay, Research Paper

Science Fair Project: Melting Ice


- 3 aluminum baking pans

- water to fill each pan

- 1/2 cup of salt

- 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol

- 1/2 cup of sand

- watch

- large freezer

- thremometor


First fill three aluminum baking pans with water and freeze them in

alarge freezer for three hours. Then get a thremometor to get the tempature of

the freezer. Then make sure that you put them all in for the same amount of

time. Label each ofthe aluminum baking pans A and the other B and the other C.

Then check on them every half a hour to see if they are frozen yet. Then when

they turn completly into a solid,(take them out of the freezer) pour 1/2 cup of

each subtance into a seperate baking pan. Make sure that when you pour the

subtance in pour it evenly. Then label the pan with the name of its subtance.

Then time to see which one melts first and then second and the last one to melt.

Then record how long it took each one to melt.


The temperature at which water forms into a solid is 32 degrees

Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. The temperature 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0

degrees Celsius is called freezing point. The freezing point is decreased by

about .55 degrees Celsius or 1 degree Fahrenheit for each increase of 80

atmospheres of pressure.

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