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Britain still has a strong independent school system, and 7-8 per cent of the youngsters go to independent schools.

 Big changes in the schools of England and Wales occurred in the 1980s and early 1990s, most were the work of the Conservative Government, until 1991, by Margaret Thatcher.

 The Government decided that parents must be able to choose between local schools, so they could send their children to the one they liked best.

 The Government decided that schools should publish exam results so that parents could find out which schools were best.

 The normal local school in Britain for pupils aged over 12 is the comprehensive school. These schools are supposed to take in pupils of every sort of ability.

 The most important test in England and Wales is taken by pupils when they are about 16. The test is called the General Certificate of Secondary Education.

 If pupils stay in school after the GCSE they can take the Advanced level exams when they are about 18.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own schools systems, separate from England and Wales.

 You have to have good a level results if you want to get into university.

 From the 1980s the Government in London took more and more educational decisions.

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