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December 7, 2000

Mr. Brian P. Coyle

Bear Grossing Drive

Orlando, FL 32476

Dear Mr. Coyle:

You have the company’s deepest apology for the disaster and inconvenience that was placed upon you. Pictures are very important because they serve as memories that you can have for a lifetime. I know you had some precious times and moments captured in those twelve rolls of film. You have every right in the world to be dissatisfied and upset about our service.

The reason for your disaster was the result of a careless mistake made by one of our suppliers. He squirted too much oil in the shutter mechanism, which caused it to malfunction. There were 2 million Advantix cameras made last year and out of those made 200,000 of them malfunctioned. You don’t have to worry Kodak immediately began resolving the problem.

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