Same Sex Marriage


Same Sex Marriage Essay, Research Paper

Same-Sex Marriage

One day, Tom, a six-year-old from San Francisco came home from school feeling isolated. It’s bad enough that he had no mother to confide in, he had to live with that thought all his life. Tom was so ostracized, shattered, and disturbed that he slashed his wrists. Tom’s life had changed when his father became gay and started living with a man. Tom could not take the shame. At school he was picked on, made fun of, and rejected. This is one example of the effects of gay marriage. Over time, may states have been under a lot of pressure over the issue of gay marriage licensees. Should we allow same-sex marriages? Definitely not, based on the morals of our country, I believe we should not allow gay marriages.

We should not permit gay marriages because a gay marriage goes against all traditional ethics that this country is trying to preserve. America, is an exemplary nation. America is also a culturally influential to other countries as well.

During the past two decades, traditional morality has gradually increased. One of the most important institutions of our traditional ethics, is marriage. (Raunch) Marriage may be the single most important joint institution that the American people have. It is the basis of the future. Recently, the pressure on a judge in Hawaii who gave permission to marry a gay couple is slowly trying to increase. (Ego Judge) Judge Chang has changed the whole purpose of marriage. This may not be such a bad idea one will just say, “As long as it does not affect me.” However, If Hawaii recognizes this law, it may become the law of the land. This is all due to the full faith and credit law. (Snow) This law simply means that if one state passes or submits a law, other states must completely follow this leading state. (American Government and Politics Today)

That would not be idealistic since a recent poll showed ninety percent of Americans oppose gay marriages. (Gallup poll) Gay marriages should not be allowed because it is unconstitutional. The forefathers of the land wrote the constitution on a solid religious background. Making gay marriages legal would change most constitutional laws.

Just as the traditional families would have to get insurance, so would a gay marriage couple. Therefore, insurance companies would have to change their laws. Children would have to be taught about the illegal marriages as part of their education. That would, in turn, force the state to review the current education laws and what children are learning. Allowing gay marriages would also remove the Equal Rights Amendment since there would be sexual barriers. (Knight) Allowing gay marriages would eventually end centuries of tradition for American people that were built on Christian and moral values. (Arkes) It would change the entire would we live in. Churches would have to adopt the idea that surpasses all of God’s laws. (Commonweal)

Gay marriages would be against the constitution that was and is built on a biblical background and future for the nation. Of course, gay persons claim to be the peaceful, non-violent, loving kind.(Chumbley) However, if society should accept them, then inevitably that serenity they have would disappear because they would reveal who they truly are.

I think if we allow this ridiculous procedure to take place, we would have a future full of artificial insemination, which is not natural. We should not allow same-sex marriage because one of the fundamental purposes of marriage is procreation or production of children. (Socarides) If we allow gay marriages it would weaken our race and bring about a lot of other issues like cloning. A child should be born out of the conjugal love of two parents: a man and a woman, not one of the same. Personally, I fell that gay people are not parents. They are partners with affection for each other. An affection that is not built on a communion, but sexual desire. Children are a vital part of our future and we need to let the natural balance of nature keep its stability. (Burman) There would be a lot of cultures created and that in turn would create more racism. We need to maintain the way human bare children because it is the natural way.

One of the most important reasons why we should not allow gay marriages is the possibility of gay couples adopting children. As in the case Tony, this is a good example of how children can be psychologically affected. In turn, a child can become gay at a young age but not at will. The children usually become gay through the influence of gay people.

Having gay parents can also put a child at risk of involvement with the parent. (Garcia) Homosexual parenting is bad for our children and society. A child growing up with a gay man may not receive enough love and touch from their parent, as a normal mother would give that child. How would that child feel kissing or hugging their parent at a parent’s conference or anywhere for that matter. Mostly, it would humiliate them and they would be regarded inferiors by his or her friends.

Letting gay marriages continue to be apart of lives is definitely unbearable. It would evaporate a constitution that took so much time and so many generations to uphold. A constitution which is not only our government, but also our future. Allowing gay marriages would weaken our race and make way for artificial fertilization. It would also destroy the meaning of marriage: the communion brought together by God, which is meant for a man and a woman to raise children together. Gay couples cannot take care of child as much as heterosexual parents. Gay parents would offend and even endanger a child’s life. Imagine building a castle on top of a hill and living in it for decades, loving it, and caring for it.

Imagine someone trying to tell you how to take care of your castle and how you should change everything you worked hard for. Would that make you feel better? Let’s take a moment to think about this. We definitely do not need same- sex marriages. Marriage is a sacred bond, not a law that can be bent at will.

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