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If you are going to be a college freshman, there is a good chance you won?t be able to choose who lives with you. In some cases, the roommates are able to choose each other. It is impossible to really know someone without living with them awhile. There are three types of personalities that a roommate might have: the Party Animal, the Average person, and the Book Worm. These personality types can be sub-categorized into five criterions: when the person wakes-up, study habits, personal appearance, when person sleeps, and ability to live with a different type of roommate. A better understanding of these types may help new roommates choose the person that best suits them.

The Party Animals? wakes-up really late because they party all night till the break of dawn, and sometimes they might party longer than that. A Party Animal is not the type of person you want to start a daily conversation with when they wake-up. Due to the lack of sleep lost at night, sleeping during the day interferes with normal college activities, like actually attending classes. This person maintains a fairly good ?D? or ?F? average in class and is more likely to drop out of college than any other type. It?ll probably be early in the morning when the person goes to sleep. If you?re a Book Worm and you see someone who looks bad in the morning, but come night, looks ready to go into any club or hangout, get someone else to get your stuff and get out of the room and find another place to live!

The Average person is very sociable and can get along with generally anyone met. Study habits are good enough to maintain a good ?B? average, because even though the person?s main purpose for being in college is to get an education, this person is not a total ?stiff? and makes time for pleasure to relax and enjoy themselves. Anywhere Average people go out in public, they are perfectly and well dress. Average people give themselves enough time just to get ready and to get to school. Probably going without being said, the Average person sleeps at a pretty reasonable hour, depending on how much sleep the person needs to fully operate during the day.

The third type of person is the Book Worm. This person is probably the worst dresser you have ever seen because instead of hanging out with friends and socializing, that person would rather curl up and read a book. Both the Party Animal and the Average person are annoyed by the Book Worm?s study habits, study all the time and if there is a little free time, read another novel despite the fact that the English teacher already assigned a novel to read. The Book Worm is always the first person to finish reading any type of material or novel assigned. A Book Worm has to be in bed by 9 p.m. in order to wake-up at the crack of dawn. A Book Worm absolutely cannot live with the Party Animal because they are totally opposites. The old saying, ?Opposites attract,? just doesn?t work here. For example, when the Book Worm is waking up and making noise trying to get dressed, the Party Animal is doing the opposite, getting undress and going to bed. The Party Animal is already tired and just reacts instead of thinking, so if the Book Worm makes too much noise getting dressed, the ending could be disastrous. If you?re a Party Animal and this problem occurs, save yourself the trouble and just leave.

The lesson here is that if you are going to have to live with someone for a long time, do some research and open your eyes to the obvious reasons. There are some exception to college roommates that don?t fit into any category because they change so often, you can?t tell. This kind of person is spontaneous and changes constantly depending on surroundings or conflicts. It?s better to know exactly what you?re getting into before you get too settled in the living arrangements.

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