Rockies Essay, Research Paper

The Rocky Mountains are a great chain of rugged mountain ranges in western North America, extending from central New Mexico to northwestern British Columbia, about 2000 miles. The Rockies are boardered on the east by the Great Plains and on the west by the Great Basin and Rocky Mountain Trench. The vast landscape and wildlife can be divided up in to four principal parts the south, central, northern, and Canadian.

The Southern Rockies, which include the system?s broadest and highest regions extends from central New Mexico to southern Wyoming. This area basically encompasses all of Rocky Mountain National Park. The park is noted for its lakes, streams, glaciers, tundra, subalpine meadows, and abundant plant and animal life. The Continental divide crosses the park and there are different weather patterns on the eastern and western sides. The West side of the park is wetter and contains more lakes and streams than the drier east side.

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