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At the beginning at Enemy at the Gates, it showed the new Russian recruits being loaded

onto trains to fight at Stalingrad. There was little organization, just a mob of young men

being herded like sheep into battle. The warfare style was quite different from the rest of

the war, this was not in an open field, but it was being fought inside the city. There was a

lack of guns, so the leading officials distributed the guns to every other man, and told the

rest to use the gun of a fellow soldier that had died. This opening scene reminded me of

Saving Private Ryan, in terms of gore and the theme “war is hell” which it was based on.

The main character was a Russian sniper, who was used through wonderfully written

propaganda to raise the moral of the Russian soldiers. Not only did the propaganda raise

the moral of the Russian soldiers, it lowered the moral of the German soldiers. Overall, I

thought the movie was a well thought out, and informative view of the battle for




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