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Ridge Top Trekker s Guide Top Equipment Picks for 2001Ridge Top Guarantees Warmth at Cool Prices!Finding camping gear that s just right for you is difficult. That s why Ridge Top provides such a huge selection of products and a well-trained staff. Just ask a Ridge Top salesperson for assistance. You ll find that they know camping! And Ridge Top s 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that you are satisfied with anything you buy, or your money back. No questions asked. Snuggle Up to These Prices!Back Country s Thermalight Sleeping Bags ($220-$320) actually cost less than you think. Their lightweight and efficient design make them a must for backpackers. And with these features, the prices are fantastic. Each bag has a contoured hood and heavy drawcord, a shoulder placket that keeps warm air in and cold air out, and a roomy foot zone that keeps your feet toasty warm. The Thermalight comes in regular and long sizes, in 3 outdoor colors.You ll Eat Up the Prices of This Camp Cooking Gear!You can cook almost anything with Ridge Top s wide assortment of innovative stoves and cooking accessories. Our compact stoves fit nicely into your pack during those rugged hikes, and our deluxe three-burner stove can handle those large crowds at the base camp.The Summit PackLite Stove ($40) is one of our most popular-selling stoves. And here s why: It s lightweight, tough, fuel-efficient, and quiet. The PackLite comes with a windscreen and reflector that maximize the stove s heat and minimize the time you spend cooking. This stove uses white gas that comes in a PackLight Fuel Bottle ($5.50).You ll love using Granola Buddy s Three-Burner Stove ($85). You can heat up a cup of coffee, fry some blueberry flapjacks, and still have a burner for scrambling eggs. In addition, you can raise your stove to a comfortable height by purchasing a Regal Cook Stand ($28) that folds flat for easy storing. This stove comes with a fuel line hose and regulator. Just attach it to a Mountain Peaks Refillable Propane Cylinder ($30) with a Trails End Fuel Adapter ($8).

Back Packing Technology Without Back Breaking Prices!For the ultimate in family camping, the Mt. Olympus Two-Room Lodge ($350) is as spacious as the name implies, and will comfortably sleep six people. You ll love the zippered curtain that creates one room for you and one for the kids. This model features a sweep-out doorsill that makes cleaning crumbs and sand easy. It also has a wide canopy, large mesh windows and doors, and a rear exit. It s made of durable polyester canvas, and comes with all the necessities for set up and carrying.Ridge Top Tips Here are some other product ideas for making your life easier, before and after your camping trip.1. Try our weather gauge to check which way the wind is blowing before you set up camp. Then you can place the back of your tent into the wind and the entrance away from it.2. Purchase a groundsheet to prevent snags or leaks in the bottom of your tent. Use one that is slightly smaller than your tent floor so it won t collect rain and debris.3. Always unpack your tent when you get home and air it out. This will keep mildew from ruining your tent s waterproofing. If your tent gets a musty smell, try out one of our tent deodorizers. 4. Store your tent in a large sleeping bag storage sack. Ridge Top carries several brands.5. Before you go anywhere, seal the seams of your tent using one of our seam-sealing kits. Otherwise, needle holes made during construction will let in unwanted cold air. (Tips compiled by our in-store camping guru, Shea Gordon.)Prices are good through October 31, 2001.

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