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Midsummer s Night Dream is a play based movie. The play was written by William Shakespeare an then directed by Michael Hoffman. Some of the exceptional actors and actresses were Michelle Pfeiffer, Calista Flockhart, and Kevin Kline. William Shakespeare wrote this play in the 16th century to be performed in Athens, Greece. The movie was performed in the early 19th century in Mount Athena, Italy. The cast is broken up into three different worlds. First there was the fairy world, lead by Oberon, the fairy king, also lead by Titania, the fairy queen. Puck also played a big part in the fairy world as sort of a messenger for Oberon. Another world was the Royals which include the four lovers; Helena, Demetrius, Lysander, and Hermia. The last world is the dumb show, or mechanicals, which was lead by Kevin Kline, also know as Bottom the donkey. I believe this story gave parents in the old days, who tried to arrange their daughters marriages a new perspective. This story showed that people who love each other are going to end up together in the end.

I like how this movie brought in the invention of the bike. The actors and actresses did great at how they used the bike, giving people the impression that it was the first time they had ridden a bike. I also liked how bright and glittery the fairy world was. The landscape was awesome in the fairy world. The movie had great actors and actresses. Some of the scenes, especially in the fairy world, were very colorful and bright. I didn t like in the beginning of the movie how the transitions skipped from one place to another so fast and on even. I really like this movie and the actors and actresses. The landscape was beautiful. I really enjoyed this movie. I would encouraged anyone who has a change to see it. I would also see it again in the future.

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