Retail Trade


Retail Trade Essay, Research Paper

Write a structure-performance study of the retail trade industry

Paper should include the ff structure

1 Introduction. In this section you give an overview of the industry, its size, growth over the past 10-20 yrs, its important to the economy and other significant factors. 1-2 pages

2. Structure: Number of firms (and changes over 20 yrs), and size distribution, concentration ratios or similar statistic, market shares of leading players. Extent of product differentation. Barriers to entry. Analysis of economies of scale (and measure)

Vertical and horizontal integration and mergers. Linkages between companies and financial system. 5-7 pages

3. Conduct. How do leading firms compete. Pricing behaviour. R and D, Investment and marketing and advertising. Public policy( regulation, taxes and subsidies, antitrust) 5-7 pages

4 Performance: From the perspective of 1. Leading companies; 2. Industry; and society. Include: Prfits; tech innovation, etc. 2-4 pages

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