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Reproductive Strategies Essay

Continuity is the passing of DNA from an object to its offspring by Sexual or Asexual means

There are two major modes of reproduction: Sexual and Asexual. Sexual reproduction takes place when two organisms get to gather and exchange DNA, an example of this is frogs mating. Asexual reproduction only requires one organism to reproduce, an example of this could be Cell Division. One major difference between these to modes of reproduction is the need for more then one organism. The pattern that is most obvious in the kingdoms is that the latest and most complex organisms reproduce Sexually, where the older and more simpler organisms reproduce Asexually.

In Sexual reproduction there are some variations. (1) Number of offspring, (2) Age of sexual maturity, (3) Ways of Sexually reproducing.

Evolution can be a big factor in the survival of a species. For example, the number of offspring an organism leaves behind can ensure a better survival chance. The age of sexual maturity can be important because the quicker something is ready to reproduce after being born, the more there can be of that species.

Before this unit on Continuity in Biology class, I had no idea what it was. Now I know enough to carry on a class conversation and benefit the groups, and to understand much more about how life works.

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