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McConnell Labs

1010 Tyinn Street Unit 19#

Eugene, OR. 97405


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To whom this letter concerns,

My name is and I’m a student at Technical Career Center. I’m currently in a cosmetology unit. Please allow me to explain my reasoning for this letter. As a marking period project we must choose a product line to represent and tell the class about. I chose you because as I was searching on the Internet and my luck for good nail products were slim. After I came across your add I was sold. If not too much trouble, would you please send me further information regarding your product line. If possible maybe some kind of sample to demonstrate to my class. I feel confident in choosing your product to represent and feel it is going to be a very good product although I never used it I’m very curious to not only as a client but also as a possible future representative. Thank you for you time.


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