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Religion is considered a very important part of life by a large part of the

world’s population. Determining moral issues and influencing every day

decisions, it resides in everyday life and gives people something in which to

believe. Often, the aspects of religion are passed down from parent to child,

and the child automatically believes that which his parents believed. I too

experienced this influence, as I grew up in a family with the Roman Catholic

religion. I was baptized as a baby, and as long as I can remember I attended

mass every Sunday with my family no matter how much I contested going or the

number of tantrums I would throw. I received my first communion and went through

years of Sunday school, which I thought was torture. At an early age I knew and

understood the "routine" that Catholics follow. I later realized the

true seriousness which was far more than just going through the learned motions.

The arguments between my parents and I had diminished as church was now becoming

an enjoyable experience for me. I started looking forward to the sermons of the

priest, wondering what new topic he would bring about for discussion. Soon I

went through a process that is custom in Catholicism, known as confirmation.

This is the transformation from a child to an adult in the eyes of the church.

My older sister went through the same process before me and I never really truly

understood the experience when she went though it. Along with the others I

attended special classes taught by the priest. I became much more involved in

what went on in the church, helping out with seasonal functions for the younger

children in the parish and helping to create an active youth group at the

church. When the actual confirmation occurred the different feelings inside of

me were captivating. The mass itself actually helped me realize the awesome

responsibilities of being a Catholic and even the benefits it had to offer. In

reality I was a slightly nervous about the whole thing. The Catholic Church

places very high expectations upon its young people, and I now had more

responsibility in the parish. After going through the whole confirmation process

I feel as if I have grown as a member of the Catholic Church, and as a person.

The wisdom that I have gained from my faith is immense. Whenever I am uncertain

my faith will help guide me in the right direction. I am very grateful for my

parents for not giving into my whining or fits when I was younger. In the end

all of the advantages of being an active Catholic are well worth it. Without my

commitment to my religion I do not think I would be nearly as strong of a person

as I am today. To me the Catholic Church provides direction along with a true

friendship that will last a lifetime.

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